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About Us

International Car is a specialized company in car rentals located in Portugal with prestige already guaranteed and we´ll like to give the opportunity to show it all over the world.

With our 20 years of experience, we'd like to invite you to rethink what mobility means. We think it has everything to do with freedom. It's being able to get where you want to go in the most practical and safest way possible.

We love this freedom, but we know it means something a little different to each person. That's why our mission is to offer you the best option for going with you on every trip.

Among our variety of vehicles we want to offer our best services with our best renting conditions, with total transparency, with the goal to satisfy all our customer's necessities.

All main cars hire depots are DIRECTLY done in FARO, LISBON and PORTO AIRPORT with the possibility of delivering them in hotels if previously required.

What Do You Know About Us

Our main cars hire are all equipped with AIR CONDICIONER, radio, power steering, and as the active and passive security of our car users it´s very important for us all our fleet comes already equipted with with the latest details and high safety standards of the automotive industry.


Outstanding Services

Good customer service is a team sport. We like to listen carefully and be prepared to say “yes” rather than “no.” After us, nobody knows more about our business than our customers. Nobody’s perfect, and our customers probably understand that. So, we use any opportunity to improve our business processes. Customers feel more comfortable doing business with someone they see that cares about them. This requires a great deal of dedication; creativity to come up with the best possible combinations given availability, budget, and location.

No hidden fees. At all.

What is included in a quote by International Car? Everything you need on a car rental. We like to be transparent and automatically includes all mandatory fees in your quotations. Of course you may ask for additional insurances and non-mandatory options you can select such as car and Extended Protection, GPS, baby seat or toll transponders. If you wish to request any of these additional items, don´t forget to tell our reservations agent to include it in your quote.

Name for Quality Vehicles

Choose from a variety of rental cars, whether you are looking for fuel-efficiency, space, or comfort and style you are sure to find the perfect vehicle for a fun family holiday or a quick business trip. International Car provide a wide selection of quality vehicles for your leisure or business car rental needs from economy and compact cars, to convertibles, SUVs, and minivans as well as luxury cars. And of course, they all equipped with the best levels of comfort.

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